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About Wonderful Pomegranate Trees



Hardiness Zone: 8-10






Full to part Sun


Fast grower

You can expect fruit 1 to 2 years after planting. Can grow as a tree or a bush.  Trim it and train it as you want.   Drought Tolerant, Hardy Plant.  But does need water if top several inches of soil are dry. Very low chill hours.  Will fruit in the warmest climates. Heavy producer.



The red, bulbous fruit of the pomegranate should be harvested when the color is a deep red hue. You can also tap the fruit for a metallic sound to ensure that it is ripe.


Plant Yield

The bush of average size can produce approximately 25 - 50 lbs per year at full production.


Juice is a powerful antioxidant

Pomegranate juice has been extracted from the ripe fruit to produce a sensational liquid product that is rich in antioxidants, anti- cancer, treatment agents that are thought to immobilize "free radicals" that have been suggested to initiate primary cancer formation. The bright red color of Pomegranate pulpy seed is rarely seen in fruit.


Planting directions
(in ground)

  • 1

    your hole twice the size of the root ball and just as deep. If there is a large amount of clay in the native soil, try to amend with sand and perlite to improve the drainage.

  • 2

    Remove the tree from its pot and gently comb the sides of the root ball with your hands to free up the roots a bit.

  • 3

    The tree into the hole and keep it straight as you begin to back fill the hole.
    Tamp down with your hands to prevent air pockets from forming around the root system.

  • 4

    the planting area well (but do not over saturate the soil) and then spread a
    2-3-inch layer of mulch to help conserve moisture.

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Pomegranates have a good tolerance to drought conditions but will perform best in a somewhat moist soil, but overly saturated soil will lead to serious issues. Flower/fruit drop, and root rot are the results of the tree receiving an excessive amount of moisture.
Typically, you should only water your tree once every 7-8 days but in the warmer seasons you may need to provide a little more. Provide 2-3 gallons of water per session but be careful not to water too much in a single setting if you haven’t kept up with the normal 7-8-day regimen, it may shock the tree. It’s better to provide small amounts of water more frequently.
A weekly deep watering of the potted pomegranate tree will be enough. You may need to provide a little more in the hotter season.


Avoid doing any trimming of the tree in its first year of growth. When ready to prune be sure to do so after the threat of any frosts/freezes have passed and before the tree is about to start growing.
Dead, undesirable or weak branches should be removed to direct nutrients to the proper areas of the tree. By shortening larger branches, you can encourage more flowering. Remove dead/damaged limbs from the potted pomegranate in late winter. “Suckers” can be removed at any time.


Highest Quality Plants at the Lowest Prices

1-2ft tall / 2 years

· 1-100..................$14
· 101-1000............$12
· 1000 - More........$10
    Variety: Wonderful
    Harvest: September 8 - October 12
    Personality: Delicious, tangy flavor.
    Pollination: Self-pollinated.

2-3ft tall / 3 years

· 1-100..................$20
· 101-1000............$18
· 1000 - More........$16
    Variety: Wonderful
    Harvest: September 8 - October 12
    Personality: Delicious, tangy flavor.
    Pollination: Self-pollinated.
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